Bye Bye For A While


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Hi guys this one is the post that I really don’t want to write and the on that I’ll be sad about writing it but here it is: I’m going for an hiatus for like almost one year. It is because of our education system’s gems *sarcasm 100% intended* called YGS and LYS. Uhm, what are those gems *sarcasm again*? Lemme explain you a little bit: Those are the exams that provide us the schools we will about to go. Of course you can pay for it too (after passing a limit mark) or you can achieve scholarships according to your success because of the mark you achieved after you solved the tests, exams. Anyway I really hate that system and I really don’t wanna talk about it more too much please don’t get me wrong it’s not about you. That system is annoying and gives you a stressful year and I’m lazy to explain it with full details.

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It’s Been A Week

I chose this pic because I know I’m a girl but this is one of my favorite mottos. Don’t lose your best friends for some temporary relationships, boys.

   Bu fotoğrafı seçtim çünkü biliyorum ben bir kızım ama bu en sevdiğim mottolardan biri. Geçici ilişkiler için en iyi arkadaşlarınızı kaybetmeyin beyler -beyler demek kaba galiba biraz ama en uygunu bu oldu-. 

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