Gold in the House

İç mimarinin modasını bilmiyorum ama son zamanlarda Pinterest’ta karşıma altın renkteki dekorasyonlar, özellikle altın rengi minimal lambalar, karşıma çok çıktı ve hoşuma gittiler. Altın genelde barok tarzı detaylarda kullanılıyor tabii ve yazımda minimal olmayan dekorasyonlara da yer verdim ama altın minimalizmle birleşince ortaya çıkan sonuçlar gerçekten muazzam. 

I don’t know anything about fashion of interior architecture but lately gold colored decorations, especially gold colored minimal lamps, keep bumping into me so much and I really like them. Gold usually has been used for details in baroque style of course and I gave some space for decorations that aren’t minimal but when gold meets minimalism the results are really great.

25b646e4e5bb4b7f9025ae2ecadee0f9.jpg (564×848)

{style inspiration | two lovely things : leather & brass} by {this is glamorous}, via Flickr: Bernhardt Interiors | Dorwin Chair, polished brass finish, shown in ivory leather | Jet Set Entertainment Piers and Console: SOHO LOFT #swoonworthy style | Erika Brechtel | Brand Stylist: RH Source Books: Living room, contemporary classic sofas, modern interior design ideas, modern lobby armchairs, cosmopolitan coffee table: RH Source Books: RH Source Books: RH Source Books:
RH Source Books: Pūrificātum:  :

@andwhatelse: brass, kitchen: Gold & Grey Apartment / Richard Lindvall: Chairs...actually, all of it .: Milo Club Chair by Lawson-Fenning: Milo Club Chair by Lawson-Fenning image 2:











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