Stripes and overalls, black and white. Céline’s resort 2016 collection is unique as always. Shoes and bags are different -of course in a good way-, earrings are super cool I mean what can I say more. You have to see the pieces yourself. Enjoy! ❤

Cizgiler ve tulumlar, siyah ve beyaz. Céline’in resort 2016 koleksiyonu her zamanki gibi benzersiz. Cantalar ve ayakkabılar farklılar -tabii ki iyi yönden-, küpeler süper havalı yani daha ne diyebilirim. Parcaları kendiniz görmelisiniz. Keyfini cıkarın! ❤ 

27-celine-resort-2016 26-celine-resort-2016 25-celine-resort-2016

24-celine-resort-2016 23-celine-resort-2016 22-celine-resort-2016 21-celine-resort-2016 20-celine-resort-2016 19-celine-resort-2016 18-celine-resort-2016 17-celine-resort-2016 16-celine-resort-2016 15-celine-resort-2016 14-celine-resort-2016 13-celine-resort-2016 12-celine-resort-2016 11-celine-resort-2016 10-celine-resort-2016 09-celine-resort-2016 08-celine-resort-2016 07-celine-resort-2016 06-celine-resort-2016 05-celine-resort-2016 04-celine-resort-2016 03-celine-resort-2016 02-celine-resort-2016 01-celine-resort-2016

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